Wednesday, August 17, 2011

You Were Right, Jess

Hi, this is Penny. Jessie, I'm sorry for breaking into your account but you're not answering your phone and you left your password as the one we used for everything, so I hope this is okay. We needed to get in touch.

You were right, I'm so sorry, you were right and now we have a stalker in a business suit. Jessie, where are you love? We miss you and we want you back, now that there's no reason for us to stay apart. Please, please call us back?

That can be an order if you're willing to have us back. We love you, Jess, and we're both pretty fucking scared.


  1. Will this awful, dreaded, INFURIATING thing stop hurting people I like?

    Keep yourself safe, darling girl. Don't lose yourself, you're far too wonderful for that.


  2. ... NO. Penny... I tried so hard to keep you safe. I... I'll call you. Dammit, I tried, I tried, I'm so sorry.

    Miss, thank you. It means a lot. I'm not sure where I met you, but you do seem familiar.