Thursday, August 25, 2011

What Now

My name is Jessie Miller. I am twenty two years old, I had two partners named Damon Lewis and Penny Smith. I had a boyfriend named Brandon. I was studying to be a nurse, with a specialty in pediatrics. Penny was a teacher, Damon an electrical engineer. We met my first year in college when we all joined the same gaming group. Damon and Penny had been best friends for years and they both fell for me.
They agreed to share me if I agreed to it, and it wasn't long after that they realized they had feelings for each other. We were planning on moving somewhere on the coast after I graduated. They collared me last September, telling me they'd marry me as well if it were legal.
We were happy, together, until I got too nosy and started reading blogs and brought Slenderman into their lives. We had beautiful plans, we had our whole lives ahead of us. Penny dreamed of being a novelist-she hated horror stories and loved light hearted fantasy with everything she had. Damon wanted to make us a completely self-sustaining house.
They gave me rules and things to focus on when I was scared and needed guidance. They walked me through my fears and my doubts. Penny's family kicked her out of the house when she came out to them about Damon and I. Told her to never come back, but she was so proud to be open about her lovers that she spent the whole day smiling.
Damon was the one who found us our house. He graduated with a real job and could afford it. We had a crappy apartment in Jacksonville for school but Damon graduated and found us a little house where we could all live. This fall would have been the first time in two years that I wouldn't go to sleep with them every night, but it was okay because I only had a semester left and I had their collar to remind me I was theirs.
Penny smelled like ginger and tasted like cherries and had beautiful soft red hair. We always woke up in the morning tangled up in each other because she loved to cuddle and it always felt so good to make her smile.
Damon had a deep grumbly voice that felt commanding in all the right ways and a laugh that never failed to make me smile. He always smelt of soap and man and things I can't quite identify but his arms always felt like home and the way he called me good girl always made my toes curl.

Brandon I barely knew. It was my fault that he got involved. He was sweet and shy and way confused by the insanity that hit him so quickly. But he was just learning how to game and he was utterly delighted by the dice. He was so good to me when I was scared and tried so hard to take care of me so soon after we'd met. Our first date was only that morning...
His smile could light up a whole room and his kisses were sweet and I will always regret that I never had time to show him my world properly, and he never really even tried to show me his.

I will never forget them, I loved them all, they were my family and they all died so that I could be here and I don't know why I'm the one who survived, I'm useless without them, but I have to make them all proud. Somehow.

Master, Lady, Brandon... I'm so sorry. I love you. I would give anything for one more day with you.
I'm sorry I couldn't keep you safe.


  1. Jessie, darling, I am so sorry...

    So so sorry. I wish I could be there for you and make sure that everything was okay.

    Jessie you are far too sweet for words and you never ever deserved ANY of this.

    Just stay safe, Jessie. Just... just try and keep holding on.

    I pray you are safe and that this subsides. <3

  2. ... and what choice do you have?
    They wouldn't have wanted for you to keel over and give up.
    So you keep living.

    You can do this, Jessie. I believe in you.

  3. Thank you.
    I just. It doesn't even really register as real yet. And I just know that it will soon and it's going to kill me because they're gone and I don't know what to do.

  4. Thank you Spencer. It means a lot. Really.

  5. You Failed them you know. You could have gone back to save Damon. You could have been more alert to save Brandon. You could have been taken... Instead of Penny.

  6. the twinlkling shining bright STAR speaks the truth of your situation. you have FALLEN.


    ve in.

  7. Screw you, Star. I won't... I won't let you ruin what they did. They wanted me to live.

    Surge... No. Damon told me to live, and so I will.

  8. but your WORLD is not livING???...?