Wednesday, August 24, 2011

They got her. They got Penny. This creepy fuck in a mask got Penny and we couldn't... we had to keep going, there are too many of them, we had to.
We had to leave her and keep running. Oh god Penny. I love you, Lady, I'm so sorry. I haven't stopped crying, and Damon looks like he wants to kill someone. He may get his wish. We're still in here.
Watching. The man with the guns isn't very good. maybe it's the sunglasses?
The weird Jamaican guy is trying to get him to leave... we're watching... we found a good hiding spot to see... One less person to worry about?
What's that? Oh no


  1. ... lovely. It's like a little drama over here, isn't it?
    Keep. Running. Don't give up.

  2. Oh dear, Jessie, dear, keep it together.
    C'mon dear. :(