Wednesday, August 24, 2011

It's Morningstar. He's got us trapped in this fucking hedge maze. Not a loop. Not a labyrinth. Just a fucking maze. The kind of thing people go into for fun. I used to love these...
But it's... wrong now, because it's full of people trying to kill us and we've already run into a clown with a flaming chainsaw and we're hiding and trying to make a plan but we don't know what to do and oh god we're all going to die.
I don't want to die. Oh god I'll be good forever I'll never break a rule again just please let us live.


  1. ... holy shit.
    You'll live, sweetie, just keep running. You guys can find your way out if you keep a clear head and don''t panic./Focus/. The best part about mazes is that they have an exit.

  2. You may be able to defeat him by pointing out that the "Evil Clown" motif is overdone.

    Honestly. Is this supposed to be some kind of comic book?