Wednesday, July 13, 2011


So, I have a solid concept for game now. I'm not going to put all the details up here, because I'm linking everyone involved to my blog. What I am going to put here is a teaser for anyone interested enough to make it this far.

So you got the flier in the park from the crazy woman standing in the Floridian heat in a hoodie. What possible motive could someone have for torturing herself like that? She needs to spread the word. There is a war going, hidden behind the scenes by everyone involved. It manifests in small ways. Children going missing, forests that no one dares enter after dark, a murder in an otherwise quiet suburb, strange symbols painted on walls and messages on doorsteps.

Most people never even notice, they go on with their lives unaware of the danger they narrowly avoided by missing the clues. But for you, the danger is real. You're marked to learn the truth, and you'd best do it quickly. Once you start learning, death comes swiftly at the hands of the Gentleman. Your only hope for survival is finding some way to fight before it is too late. How long can you survive?

Tomorrow I'm going to go hand out fliers for my game in the park, see if anyone is interested. I'll put a post up Friday before I leave for the camp to let you know how it goes.

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